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Future markets

We expect the consolidation process to continue among competitors in our markets in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. Consequently, we expect that there will be opportunities for us to penetrate new markets, both by expanding our regional presence and by extending our product portfolio.

New markets will open up as Fresenius Medical Care successively rolls out its product and services portfolio, especially in emerging countries.

Fresenius Kabi plans to introduce products from its program in the United States as well as to further roll out its product portfolio, especially in the fast-growing markets Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

With the extended hospital network in Germany, Fresenius Helios is now able to develop innovative, integrated care offerings. In addition, the company assumes that there will be continued opportunities to acquire hospitals in Germany.

In the developed countries, Fresenius Vamed is expecting to grow in the life cycle and PPP project areas, both with regard to the project and the services business. In the emerging economies, the company intends to further consolidate its position with follow-up orders, as well as to enter new target markets.

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