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Procurement management at Fresenius Vamed consists of the following activities:

  • Project business: planning and construction, e. g., turnkey construction projects, as well as medical-technical and building utilities. Fresenius Vamed also executes projects as a general contractor, including work by other companies.
  • Service business: technical facility and total operational management for health care facilities worldwide, and replacement parts sourcing. Contracts in the service business are mostly long-term. Main procurement activities encompass, for instance, sourcing of medical devices and equipment, and technical services.

The VAMED sourcing platform systematically identifies synergies for customers from project and service activities. Considerable cost-cutting potentials are tapped through bidding competitions and framework agreements for several assignments, e. g., bundling energy supplies. Emphasis is placed on so-called life-cycle cost. In its sourcing decisions, Fresenius Vamed takes account of the total cost of materials and products over the entire life cycle, i. e., acquisition cost, servicing, maintenance, and replacement parts. Our aim is to procure the optimum product for the customer at the best price.

Based on the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) model, we set targets for procurement management, such as customer satisfaction, the percentage of framework agreements, and supplier ratings.

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