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At HELIOS, high medical standards go hand in hand with efficient, economically sound management of available resources. The HELIOS purchasing concept defines binding regulations and standards. Important regulations of the concept are:

  • Teams of medical experts and committees set binding quality requirements and define product standards together with the procurement officers.
  • All purchasing decisions are transparent and comprehensible: We publish all decisions made by the medical expert groups and procurement on the Internet.
  • Product managers, i. e., the respective HELIOS employees from the pharmacy, purchasing, medical technology, the laboratory, catering, etc., are responsible for coordinating purchasing activities for their product groups across hospitals.
  • The corporate transparency rule applies to all employees of our hospitals. Clear instructions and guidelines are in place to prevent all types of influence on purchasing decisions. We expect all external partners to acknowledge and support this corporate rule.

In supplier management, HELIOS evaluates the quality and efficiency of products and of the entire business relationship. This results in high market transparency. In order to further improve cooperation, we exchange ideas with our business parties via a bilateral evaluation system and an annual trade conference.

In 2013, there were cost increases overall in the supply markets, which we were able to offset to a large extent by further product standardization and range streamlining.

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