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For Fresenius Kabi, global procurement management also plays a crucial role, assuring the availability of goods and services as well as the consistent quality of the materials used in production.

In an environment characterized by ongoing cost-containment pressure from health insurers as well as price pressure, security and quality of supply play a crucial role. We are to remain flexible and maintain our strict quality and safety standards.

The procurement activities of Fresenius Kabi are influenced by price developments in the global commodity markets. Plastic granulates, basic agricultural commodities, paper for cardboard packaging, and active ingredients for IV drugs are the most important procurement items. The prices for these products remained, to a large extent, at the previous year’s level.

Prices in the energy markets continued to be very volatile. Overall, energy prices for Fresenius Kabi increased. Reasons for this are fluctuations on the spot markets and higher surcharges for renewable energies. The weaker euro combined with the very high oil price has also increased our gas costs.

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