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All members of the Management Board have received individual contractual commitments for the continuation of their compensation in the event of sickness for a maximum period of 12 months, provided that, after six months of sickness-related absence, any insurance benefits that may be paid are to be deducted from such continued compensation. In the event of death of a member of the Management Board, the surviving dependents will receive three monthly payments after the month during which the death occurred, at maximum, however, until the expiry of the respective employment agreement.

Furthermore, instead of a pension provision, it was individually contractually agreed with Dr. Ben Lipps, who served as Management Board member until December 31, 2012, that upon termination of the employment relationship entered into by him and Fresenius Medical Care Management AG, he may provide consultancy services to Fresenius Medical Care for a period of ten years. Accordingly, Fresenius Medical Care Management AG entered into a consultancy agreement with Dr. Ben Lipps for the period from January 1, 2013 until December 31, 2022, according to which Dr. Lipps will provide consultancy services in specific areas and within a certain time frame, as well as in compliance with a non-competition clause. The compensation paid by Fresenius Medical Care AG for such services amounts to €550 thousand for the previous financial year (including reimbursement of outlay, temporary reimbursement for an apartment, as well as temporary provision with a company vehicle). The present value of this commitment amounts to €3,533 thousand as at December 31 of the previous financial year.

During the financial year 2013, no loans or advance payment on future compensation components were granted to any member of the Management Board of Fresenius Management SE.

Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA undertook to indemnify the Management Board members, to the legally permitted extent, against any claim that may be asserted against them due to their service for the Company and its affiliated Group companies to the extent that such claims exceed their liability under German law. To cover such obligations, the Company purchased a directors & officers insurance, the deductible complying with the requirements of stock corporation law. The indemnification covers the period during which the respective member of the Management Board holds office as well as any claim in this connection after termination of the service on the Management Board.

Based on pension commitments to former members of the Management Board, €1,064 thousand were paid in the fiscal year 2013 (2012: €778 thousand). The benefit obligation for these persons amounted to €17,389 thousand (2012: €11,310 thousand).